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Why wait?

Tired of waiting

Like most other people, I have spent much of my wake life waiting. Waiting for managers, waiting for inspiration, waiting for permission. It’s tiring. And the call won’t come!

There is a wonderful poem by Rudyard Kipling called If. It is not particularly connected to this whole thing here but there is one line that stuck with me in particular and it goes as follows:

If you can wait and not be tired of waiting

Indeed, I am not tired of waiting. But when it comes to putting in the work, rather than asking myself “why today?” I ask “Why not today?” from now on and make things work.

Through switching companies, learning to program and starting a few side-gigs throughout the past year, I came to realize that I will never be as ready as I would like to be. Just as this blog post won’t reach perfection before I hit “Publish” in a few minutes. That doesn’t matter. I don’t have subscribers anyway so now is a good time to relax.

New blog

Today marked the beginning of a few things. Among all others, it is at this very moment where I am starting a blog. I don’t have a particular topic in mind but what I know is that I am writing between one and five good pieces of content each week and unless they land on our company website, much of this content never winds up with the right people. And it does not matter to me whether that’s five people or 5,000. I will just write.

New podcast

By far the most exciting thing has been the launch of my own podcast. I went from idea to first full episode in less than three weeks and it’s been almost nothing but joy since. Automation Masters is a new format where I ask automation practitioners to share their stories and opinions. I couldn’t find something on the market that met my expectations, so I just created my own. The response has been good, so let’s see where this is going!